Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fourth photo

I saw this over at only a movie and thought it would be fun.

The rules of the game:

1. Go to the the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.

2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.

3. Explain the photo.

4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

So here is the fourth photo from my fourth photo folder's not too exciting. This is Biggest's second Christmas. This is our first Christmas in our CT house (yes, that is the arm of a plastic chair that was an integral part of my living room furniture at the time). I think we cut that tree down ourselves. Wait, now I remember we got that tree at the locally owned nursery just down the road from us. We bought our first flowers for our gardens there in the summer. Biggest loved it because she could ride around in a little red wagon while we perused the rows and rows of plants outside. We came back and bought our tree from them and the owner had three teenage daughters who worked in the shop. I remember thinking maybe I would have three daughter and raise them in these Connecticut woods...

So now I tag pseudo, beth, kerfuffle and VM (she so loves to be tagged).


only a movie said...

Toddlers enjoying Christmas are among the best kinds of photos.

B - I would have tagged you had I known you were game... next time, I know. I get weirded out about tagging people...

Happy Sunday night!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Love the photo of the little one. such a precious time.

I'm putting the photo up tomorrow ; -)

Vodka Mom said...

you just made me laugh OUT LOUD.

i love you.....


Vodka Mom said...

plus, I hope I can figure this out. I'm a bit of a computer NERD!!!!


creative kerfuffle said...

i love that tree! and i will work on this tag tonight. my folders are such a mess, lord knows what i'll come up w/, though i'm a bit excited to see : ) i love tags and memes and all that gooey goodness.