Monday, February 2, 2009

Six more weeks? If only!

I'm a big fan of Groundhog Day. I like to think that someone out there has some kind of answers, and it stands to reason that a creature who spends so much time underground would be tapped into some kind of earthy wisdom.

But this year, I don't really care if there are six more weeks of winter--winters here in Texas are not so bad. What I really need to know the groundhog can't tell me. I need reassurance and facts far beyond the weather. So, unless he is coming over to do a few loads of laundry or cook dinner or put a bunch of bankers in jail, I don't find him particularly helpful this year.

Happy Groundhog Day.


only a movie said...

Interesting take - spending time underground=earthly wisdom. I have some hibernating under my house right now. I never thought of them as wise. :-)

bejewell said...

Okay. Here's what I don't understand about Groundhog Day. If the little dude sees his shadow, that means 6 more weeks of winter FROM WHAT POINT? From today? Or from the day that winter is officially over? Which happens, also, to be about 6 weeks away?


creative kerfuffle said...

i don't get ground hog's day, but i like the move. i'd get clausterphobic underground for that long though. plus, i don't think there's chocolate down there.

bernthis said...

In L.A. Groundhog day means nothing to us. With global warming, we have had no winter, it's Summer all year round and trust me it sucks b/c I look so much better in my winter clothes